Buying BJJ Gis in Riverside

While a lot of things can be found cheaper on the internet there is still some products that do not have any percentage off when you buy them from a website, but you still have to pay for the shipping of that item no matter where it comes from. That is why buying a Gi from a brick and mortar store is actually the best thing to do, because beyond the misconception of an increase in price there are a few more things that people may believe about buying Gis from a store that are just flat out wrong.
For anyone that lives in the Riverside area that is looking for the best and newest Gis to train in many of them turn to online resources, but they are flat out going about ti all wrong when there is a perfectly good store to shop in. OTM Fight Shops is local in Corona, California. They have Gis that are exactly the same price if not cheaper than the ones you would fins online. They also carry a variety of brands from Lucky Gi to OTM Gis they also carry some of the highest quality and rarest Gis on the market.
OTM Fight Shops also is known to run promotions just like any other brick and mortar store. From Black Friday to July 4th weekend the store is known to have all kinds of deals on BJJ gear. Plus, they have their own line of Gis so when having a direct line to the creator of the Gis it is easy to have those specials during those special times of the year.
Aside from the holiday deals, the stores also hold a valued customer programs which gives a credit to your account for every certain amount of money you spend. It is essentially like getting a five percent back on your purchases when you each a certain amount. Plus, who says no to free money? If you do then there is truly something wrong with you.
At the end of the day, buying from a brick and mortar store in Riverside is bound to be better from ordering online. Not only are you paying the same price, you have some of the best selection of Gis to try on before you buy, and you get a little bit back for being a valued customer. When you walk out with your Gi it is a lot better feeling than waiting a few weeks for it to arrive.

Wholesale Boxing Glove in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the fight capital of the world whether it is MMA or boxing. So, it can be seen as a sort of a Mecca for anything involving the sport whether it is gym, equipment, or even competitions. That is what Las Vegas represents to fans and anyone involved in the sport.
In the city of Las Vegas there is well over 200 gyms which means there is nearly 1.5 gyms per square mile in the city. A lot more when you consider how much of the city is dedicated to casinos and gambling. When you factor the gambling out boxing and MMA has to be the biggest draw and export from the city, and that is why wholesale boxing gloves is a huge market in the city of Las Vegas. No matter what type of gym it is they invest a lot into supplying their students with boxing gloves, and whole sale boxing gloves help keep the cost down for all parties involved.
For an easier way to understand how big the city of Las Vegas and boxing are involved look no further than the biggest name that boxing has in Floyd Mayweather.  He has consistently broke live gate records, PPV records, and any other record a boxing match can have, and he has done that for his last ten fights in a row in the city of Las Vegas. From his latest opponent of Saul Alvarez to Oscar De La Hoya, Mayweather has been able to build his legacy in the city that has been synonymous with the sport since around its inception.
Wholesale boxing gloves are a cheap, efficient way to get many high quality gloves at one time. Whether it is a sale of 10 or 100 gyms can get the best product through wholesale gloves even in a city that has been entrenched int he sport of boxing for well over the last 30 years. In fact, it was in the 1980’s that las Vegas became the boxing capital of the world, and with continual purchases of wholesale boxing gloves it will stay that way for many years to come.

Lucky Gi Bamboo Gi Review

Lucky Gi truly is the biggest innovators in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, because not only do they come up with some of the most creative designs for Gis, they also use the most varied types of materials to create them. The newest version is their Bamboo Lucky Gi which snuck up on the market like an Ezekiel choke on a white belt. Check out all this all encompassing review on easily the best Gi to hit the markets in all of 2013.

Comfort and Design
One of the biggest things that makes the new Lucky Gi so amazing is the comfort of the Gi. This Bamboo Gi is the softest most comfortable Gi you will ever wear in your life. Also, it is not like cotton Gis that get rough and stiff after a few washes. No, Bamboo is built to actually stay soft if not get softer after a few washes. I am not joking when I say you can wear this Gi as a robe in the morning as well as train with it on the mats. So, if your wife complains about the price of it just let her know it can double as a robe as well!
The design is also something that you will not get over. The attention to detail put into this Gi is also amazing. While some companies may have a great logo, or some unique color scheme. The Bamboo Lucky Gi has it all. Whether you buy white or blue you are being treated to a unique color scheme that screams originality yet is smooth when looking at it. The design does not stop at the logo or jacket; it spread to the cuffs of the pants and sleeves that have silver trim as well as a saying etched along the inside. So pay close attention to this Gi as design characteristics will pop and surprise you months after you bought it.
Function and Features
While the Bamboo Gi does not have something radical like a rashguard built into it, that is because it does not need it. Some companies build rashguards into their Gis to help protect the wearer from bacteria and disease that is prevalent on MMA mats. Well, the Bamboo that this Gi is made out of already has antimicrobial abilities bread into the fabric. The Gi itself is a protector from nasty bacteria and disease that can cause staph infections or ring worm. Plus, the smoothness of the Gi will also make it hard to grab for an opponent, but is not illegal like Ripstop material is now.
A lot of people find that limited run Gis are made fast and have a lower quality, but that is just plain wrong. That is a lie perpetuated by some companies that are not ballsy enough to try being innovative. When a company is crazy is crazy enough to design a Gi with the Diaz brothers or allow one of their signature Gis to have pinstripe or cheetah print on the inside they are not looking for a quick buck. They are just trying to elevate the gear we wear to practice an art form to be art themselves. The Bamboo Gi is one you can buy and know it will be around for years to come, and you will look just as badass in it as the day you bought it.
The Bottom Line:
If you are looking to standout from your training partners for more than the color of your belt than the Bamboo Lucky Gi is for you. Not only is it made with love and attention of a company that is all about the sport, but it is going to push the remaining companies to step their game up and not lag on the simple designs that have worked for years. A lot of times the first through the door are always called crazy until someone comes up with the same idea a few years later and called genius. I don’t know about you, but in the world of BJJ I don’t mind be called a little crazy!

Boxing Gloves: Different Styles for Different Fighters

Which Style of Gloves is right for you?

Muay Thai- Thai gloves have a few differences than most gloves that make them better suited for the clinch game. Generally they are a lot stiffer which is to help block the varied striking that goes along with Thai. The distance in between the palm and the curl of the top of the glove is bigger so that you can clinch behind the neck a lot easier whether it be a bag or your sparring partner. Also, the bar that runs along the inside of normal boxing gloves is gone which is good for the clinch game as well.


Mexican Style

Mexican Style- Usually these gloves are rounder in the fist area which helps cut down on the bulk of the glove. They are also known for a longer cuff which is used for better wrist support. Obviously, the most well known brand are Cleto Reyes which are representative of this style of glove.


Boxing for MMA

Boxing for MMA- While there is a major difference between any striking art and the MMA gloves that people use, but there are types that fall in between. While similar in look to a bag glove in how small it is, Boxing glove for MMA are open palmed, but they do cover each of the fingers. These types are common from Ringside, and while they are not right for everyone they have their purpose.


Western Style

Western Boxing Gloves- Western boxing gloves as opposed Mexican style have shorter wrist cuffs that does not envelop the wrist as much. They also are not as round where you make the fist. Also, most companies that produce gloves for western style seem to have a denser foam in them which is a way of protecting the hand. Mexican style gloves are more traditional gloves while western gloves are made in a more modern style.

Amateur Boxing- Amateur use are heavier than a professional fight glove which is for protection. That is why fighters also use headgear when they compete as well. You cannot use any other gloves besides red or blue when competing, because those are the colors that help judges ref the fight as well.


Bag Glove

Bag- bag gloves have extra cushion in them so that repetitive use of a heavy bag will not hurt someone hands who train. The glove is also a bit lighter in the other parts which are to allow the hands to breath. These would never be allowed to spar in, because they are only for hitting the heavy bags with.

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What Type of Focus do You Need from Your Focus Mitts?

Introducing Different Types of Focus Mitts!

Focus Mitts are an important part of any striking training, but the problem is that some people buy the wrong pads for the wrong training. Some are built for speed, others for power, and some right in the middle. If you want the right training you need the right type of mitts so check out this article to see which ones are right for you.

Focus Mitts

Speed Focus Mitts

Speed Mitts
Traditional mitts that are not contoured are built for speed. They are for fighters who need help working combinations as they improve putting together sports of punches. They are not for fighters who are throwing haymakers. These types of gloves do not work that way. They are too thin and do not give enough support to the holder.

Focus Mitts

Contoured Focus Mitts

Contoured Mitts
These are the type of mitts you want for power shots. The contoured style gives the holder a lot more support in cushioning against the shots as they reverberate against the holders arms. They also support the wrist which is usually the weakest part of a fighters body.

Focus Mitts

Combination Focus Mitts

Combo Mitts

These mitts add both parts of the contoured mitt and the lightness of the speed mitt. The issue is since these gloves fall in between they do not offer the unique capabilities that either of the other one have. They can not take super powerful punches, and have more weight to them so they make harder for the wearer to move fast with them. That is an issue for people that are looking to throw power or move fast, but if you fall somewhere in between than these would be perfect for you!

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