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Buying BJJ Gis in Riverside

While a lot of things can be found cheaper on the internet there is still some products that do not have any percentage off when you buy them from a website, but you still have to pay for the shipping of that item no matter where it comes from. That is why buying a Gi from a brick and mortar store is actually the best thing to do, because beyond the misconception of an increase in price there are a few more things that people may believe about buying Gis from a store that are just flat out wrong.
For anyone that lives in the Riverside area that is looking for the best and newest Gis to train in many of them turn to online resources, but they are flat out going about ti all wrong when there is a perfectly good store to shop in. OTM Fight Shops is local in Corona, California. They have Gis that are exactly the same price if not cheaper than the ones you would fins online. They also carry a variety of brands from Lucky Gi to OTM Gis they also carry some of the highest quality and rarest Gis on the market.
OTM Fight Shops also is known to run promotions just like any other brick and mortar store. From Black Friday to July 4th weekend the store is known to have all kinds of deals on BJJ gear. Plus, they have their own line of Gis so when having a direct line to the creator of the Gis it is easy to have those specials during those special times of the year.
Aside from the holiday deals, the stores also hold a valued customer programs which gives a credit to your account for every certain amount of money you spend. It is essentially like getting a five percent back on your purchases when you each a certain amount. Plus, who says no to free money? If you do then there is truly something wrong with you.
At the end of the day, buying from a brick and mortar store in Riverside is bound to be better from ordering online. Not only are you paying the same price, you have some of the best selection of Gis to try on before you buy, and you get a little bit back for being a valued customer. When you walk out with your Gi it is a lot better feeling than waiting a few weeks for it to arrive.

Wholesale Boxing Glove in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the fight capital of the world whether it is MMA or boxing. So, it can be seen as a sort of a Mecca for anything involving the sport whether it is gym, equipment, or even competitions. That is what Las Vegas represents to fans and anyone involved in the sport.
In the city of Las Vegas there is well over 200 gyms which means there is nearly 1.5 gyms per square mile in the city. A lot more when you consider how much of the city is dedicated to casinos and gambling. When you factor the gambling out boxing and MMA has to be the biggest draw and export from the city, and that is why wholesale boxing gloves is a huge market in the city of Las Vegas. No matter what type of gym it is they invest a lot into supplying their students with boxing gloves, and whole sale boxing gloves help keep the cost down for all parties involved.
For an easier way to understand how big the city of Las Vegas and boxing are involved look no further than the biggest name that boxing has in Floyd Mayweather.  He has consistently broke live gate records, PPV records, and any other record a boxing match can have, and he has done that for his last ten fights in a row in the city of Las Vegas. From his latest opponent of Saul Alvarez to Oscar De La Hoya, Mayweather has been able to build his legacy in the city that has been synonymous with the sport since around its inception.
Wholesale boxing gloves are a cheap, efficient way to get many high quality gloves at one time. Whether it is a sale of 10 or 100 gyms can get the best product through wholesale gloves even in a city that has been entrenched int he sport of boxing for well over the last 30 years. In fact, it was in the 1980’s that las Vegas became the boxing capital of the world, and with continual purchases of wholesale boxing gloves it will stay that way for many years to come.

Lucky Gi Bamboo Gi Review

Lucky Gi truly is the biggest innovators in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, because not only do they come up with some of the most creative designs for Gis, they also use the most varied types of materials to create them. The newest version is their Bamboo Lucky Gi which snuck up on the market like an Ezekiel choke on a white belt. Check out all this all encompassing review on easily the best Gi to hit the markets in all of 2013.

Comfort and Design
One of the biggest things that makes the new Lucky Gi so amazing is the comfort of the Gi. This Bamboo Gi is the softest most comfortable Gi you will ever wear in your life. Also, it is not like cotton Gis that get rough and stiff after a few washes. No, Bamboo is built to actually stay soft if not get softer after a few washes. I am not joking when I say you can wear this Gi as a robe in the morning as well as train with it on the mats. So, if your wife complains about the price of it just let her know it can double as a robe as well!
The design is also something that you will not get over. The attention to detail put into this Gi is also amazing. While some companies may have a great logo, or some unique color scheme. The Bamboo Lucky Gi has it all. Whether you buy white or blue you are being treated to a unique color scheme that screams originality yet is smooth when looking at it. The design does not stop at the logo or jacket; it spread to the cuffs of the pants and sleeves that have silver trim as well as a saying etched along the inside. So pay close attention to this Gi as design characteristics will pop and surprise you months after you bought it.
Function and Features
While the Bamboo Gi does not have something radical like a rashguard built into it, that is because it does not need it. Some companies build rashguards into their Gis to help protect the wearer from bacteria and disease that is prevalent on MMA mats. Well, the Bamboo that this Gi is made out of already has antimicrobial abilities bread into the fabric. The Gi itself is a protector from nasty bacteria and disease that can cause staph infections or ring worm. Plus, the smoothness of the Gi will also make it hard to grab for an opponent, but is not illegal like Ripstop material is now.
A lot of people find that limited run Gis are made fast and have a lower quality, but that is just plain wrong. That is a lie perpetuated by some companies that are not ballsy enough to try being innovative. When a company is crazy is crazy enough to design a Gi with the Diaz brothers or allow one of their signature Gis to have pinstripe or cheetah print on the inside they are not looking for a quick buck. They are just trying to elevate the gear we wear to practice an art form to be art themselves. The Bamboo Gi is one you can buy and know it will be around for years to come, and you will look just as badass in it as the day you bought it.
The Bottom Line:
If you are looking to standout from your training partners for more than the color of your belt than the Bamboo Lucky Gi is for you. Not only is it made with love and attention of a company that is all about the sport, but it is going to push the remaining companies to step their game up and not lag on the simple designs that have worked for years. A lot of times the first through the door are always called crazy until someone comes up with the same idea a few years later and called genius. I don’t know about you, but in the world of BJJ I don’t mind be called a little crazy!

How Boxing Glove Ounces Work

What Boxing Glove Ounces are right for you?

Boxing glove ounces are one of the many things to consider when buying boxing gloves, but what amount is the right amount? Well, check out this article for the breakdown of all the ounces you can buy, and that way you can check out which one is the right one for you! There are a few things to consider when considering ounces from what you are using them for, how much you weigh, or whether you want to compete with them.

Boxing Glove Ounces for competition

Boxing Glove Ounces for Competition

Competition Gloves

When fighting in competition only certain gloves are able to used legally. Most of them are 12 ounces, but in amateur competition it depends on your size which can make the gloves range from any size. When you are competing either the place you compete and your trainer should know what size of gloves you need.

Boxing Glove Ounces

Boxing Glove Ounces for Your Weight

What You Weigh

Usually the weight will factor into what you need as well even outside of competition. The glove size is determined on what your weight is 12 and 14 ounces are good for 120 pounds and below, from 120 to 150 14 to 16 ounces would work, 150 to 180 pounds you can use 16 to 20 ounces, and if you weigh more than 180 you should be using nothing less than an 18 ounce glove. That is just a rough scale of what should be used for people in sizes. Of course, it still depends on what you are using them for.

Boxing Glove Ounces

Boxing Glove Ounces for Practice

Practice Gloves 

If you are using gloves for practice you want the best fitting with the most protection. So, gloves in the 16 and 18 ounces are generally the best, but those can be too big for smaller people. So, you can use a smaller glove for practice, but that is if you are not sparring. When sparring it is almost certain that you should use an 18 or 20 ounce glove. This is for protection of your hand and your partner. That is just the sensible and safe thing to do. Sometimes it does not depend on comfort, because safety comes first.

Buy different Boxing Glove Ounces here!

Vulkan Women’s Pro Light Gi Review

Introducing the Vulkan Women’s Pro Light Gi!

Ever feel as a woman that you do not have the best selection of Gis? Well, Vulkan is trying to help you out by creating some of the better and more stylish Gis on the market for women with the Vulkan Women’s Pro Light Gi . Coming in three different colors these Gis have choices for women of all preferences, and you can choose the one that is right for you!

Vulkan Women's Pro Light Gi

Vulkan Women’s Pro Light Gi: White/Pink

Style and Comfort

As stated before the Vulkan Women’s Pro Light Gi is one of the most stylish Gi on the market. Not many other companies can boost the different color schemes that these Gis have. They are also pre-shrunk so that you do not have to worry about them changing shape on you, but make sure top try them on to see which ones fit you.

Vulkan Women's Pro Light Gi

Vulkan Women’s Pro Light Gi: Black/Pink

Function and Features

The Gi as stated before is pre-shrunk so you do not have to worry about it changing size on you.This is also one of the lightest Gis on the market coming in at around 2.8 pounds which is perfect for summer training or to compete in.


The durability of this Gi is held up buy the same standards of every Vulkan Gi. The great thing about the Vulkan Gis is that they are made in Brazil. This does not mean that they are better than the ones made in Pakistan, but they just come with a different style. This is made with the honey comb weave which is not often seen. That is some of the quality that comes with a Vulkan Gi.

Vulkan Women's Pro Light Gi

Vulkan Women’s Pro Light Gi: lilac

The Bottom Line:

The Vulkan Gi is top of the line, but ti does come with a hefty price tag. Depending on the color that you choose you will either pay anywhere from about $175 to $200 on the one you get. The good thing is that the Gi is very durable, light, and perfect for training or competing. So, check out these Gis when you are in the market for one ladies!

Buy Vulkan Women’s Pro Light Gi Here!

Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard Review

Introducing Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard!

Hayabusa has always made used a lot of knowledge and technology into making their products from gloves to fight shorts. Now, they have taken all of their abilities and put them into their new Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard. With three different unique styles, plenty of innovation, and the quality that all Hayabusa product carries do not be surprised to see these in gyms very soon.

Hayabusa's Metaru Rashguard

Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard Front of Blue/Black Longsleeve

Style and Comfort
The Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard carries three unique styles. They look like a reptiles skin with thrash marks throughout the design filled with color. You can have white/black, blue/black, or a grey/black. The Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard also holds a flatlock stitch that will prevent chaffing for the wearer and is made from the Hayabusa AG compression fabric that makes the rashguard super flexible.

Hayabusa's Metaru Rashguard

Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard Back of Black Longsleeve

Function and Features
The Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard has the new X-Static XT2 pure silver infused into the fabric. This new technology from Hayabusa provides an all natural anti-microbial aspect to the rashguard which will prevent the growth of  bacteria and allow for odor protection. This cutting edge fabric also has thermoregulation within it so if it is hot where you train or if it is cold the rashguard will help to regulate your own temperature.

Hayabusa's Metaru Rashguard

Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard Front of Black/White Shortsleeve

The Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard is just as durable as any of the other Hayabusa products on the market. The flatlock stitching helps to allow fraying where the fabric is put together. Also, the graphics on the rashguard are fused onto the fabric so you will not have to worry about them fading or falling off with multiple washes. Plus, when a rashguard is meant to protect against cuts, scrapes and rashes it has to be durable all on its own.

Hayabusa's Metaru Rashguard

Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard Back of Black/Blue Shortsleeve

The Bottom Line:
The Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard is one of the most durable, cleanest, and comfortable rashguards on the market. While it holds a higher than average price point of nearly $70 you cannot beat the style that comes with it. You could go out and pick up another rashguard for less, but you could have graphics that fall off, something that does not defend against bacteria, or even protect you from rashes. That is why you should pick up the Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard.

Buy Hayabusa’s Metaru Rashguard Here!

FREE Shipping for Father’s Day, Summer Gi Sale, & Submission Surf Camp

In celebration of Father’s Day, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on any purchase over $50. Use the Coupon code DAD2012.

We are having a huge sale on the OTM XLC 240 Summer Gi. The White gi is on sale for only $89.99, and the Blue is $99.99. That is a whopping $30 off the regular price!

*Sale starts on Friday, June 15th and ends on Sunday, June 17th.*

Keep training, and Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers everywhere!

OTM XLC 240 Summer Gi

The XLC 240 is a 240 gram light weight jacket top made of a new Chain Weave material. The gi features a UVA foam collar that is heat resistant. The pants are made from 8 oz rip stop material. This gi is a great training gi, and also a great summer gi for guys or gals who like to stay cool. We have some black belts that use these gis everyday and love them! The clean look of the gi allows for the easy addition of your school’s patches and logos.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Surf Camp is happening in Costa Rica from July 14th to July 21st. Top notch training, top notch diet, top notch life style. Spend a portion of your trip in beautiful Arenal, CR training and eating like a champ. End your trip surfing and relaxing beachside in Tamarindo, CR. Register ASAP as spots are filling fast!

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Summer is here….!!!

Summer is here, so that means we are stocked on new products for your Summer needs!

We got in some new Tanks, T-Shirts, Shorts, Capris, Singlets, Rash Guards, Body Care, Hard Goods and More!

Check out new products from UFC, Punishment, Dethrone, Cliff Keen, Brute, Bad Boy, Hayabusa, Athletic Body Care, Gameness, and Electric.

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For all those getting ready for Wrestling, don’t worry, we got you covered with some brand new Singlets from Cliff Keen and Brute. And Ladies, we didn’t forget about you either, we have some Singlets for you as well. Click Here to start shopping from Cliff Keen and Brute.

Bad Boy has revamped their Hard Goods line and has come out with some awesome Focus Mitts, Thai Pads, Shin Guards and more. And of course we didn’t forget about the Kids with some new Fight Shorts and a Zip Up Hoody. Click Here to start shopping for Bad Boy.

Hayabusa has come with some pretty cool new T-Shirts that are selling right off the shelves. Click Here to start shopping for Hayabusa.

Athletic Body Care is a new brand for us to carry. If you want to be clean and not get staff infection or ringworm, I would suggest taking care of yourself with these products. Click Here to start shopping for Athletic Body Care.

For products born on the mat, Gameness is pretty good at doing just that. We got in a bunch of new Light Weight Rash Guards for Men and Women. Some Fight Shorts for the Kids, and of course the Women’s Feather Gi in Violet and White. Click Here to start shopping for Gameness.

Not only is Electric great at making Sunglasses, their Apparel and Gear Bags do just fine. We got in a bunch of new Tanks and T-Shirts so that you can keep up with this fine warm weather. Click Here to start shopping fro Electric.

FREE Shipping on 7 NEW Gis! World Jiu Jitsu Expo Discount Tickets and HD Video Stream!

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Or stop by one of our participating OTM Fight Shops to pick up your new Gi, just in time for the World Jiu Jitsu Expo this weekend!

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We’ll also have these great new Gis at our Expo Booth #559, located between the 7 World Champions Seminars and the IBJJF tournament. So make sure you stop by for Free Gifts from OTM, Lucky Gi, and Built to Fight.*

Ok! Back to the Gis! In addition to the OTM XLC Gi, we are offering seven new BJJ Gis! And if you order your new Gi online, you will receive FREE SHIPPING on all Gis through Sunday, May 13th. So order now, and be the first person to rock one of these killer new Gis!

XLC 240 Extreme Summer Gi – The weather is heating up, so it’s time to get a gi that will not slow you down and make you overheat all summer long! At 240 grams, this is the lightest Jiu Jitsu gi on the market. This gi features the same UVA foam collar as our competition gis. The pants are made from 8 oz rip stop material and are super light. These gis are normally priced at $119.99 for White and $129.99 for Blue, and we have them on sale now for ONLY $89.99 & $99.99, respectively. With Free Shipping, you save about $40!

 NEW COLOR – OTM HI Life Gi - The OTM HI Life Gi is back and now available in Blue! The infamous Hi Life Gi was designed by Scott la Roc from the world famous Da Hui crew on the North Shore. It features authentic Hawaiian style art that is embroidered and woven. The collar has UVA foam with rip stop material.

NEW COLOR – OTM Supa Star Gi – The Supa Star Gi is designed to fit all the women in the sport. The top is cut with a narrower waist and a flared skirt. The pants are modeled off the fit of a baggy women’s jean cut. This Gi is made of a light weight Pearl Weave with a UVA foam collar with rip stop material.

NEW – Built To Fight Blank Competition Gi - The Built To Fight Blank Competition Gi is a logo free Gi for you to decorate as you wish. Made of the softest Gold Weave material, this Gi was built for comfort, yet fitted and triple stitched to handle your toughest training sessions. This Gi is available in White, Black, and Blue.

EXCLUSIVE – Allied Kimono - The Allied Kimono is a limited edition training Gi that commemorates both Brazilian and American contributions to the great sport of Jiu Jitsu. This Gi features a 550 gram Gold Weave and a UVA foam collar that is heat resistant.

EXCLUSIVE – Fat Ears 420 Competition Gi - The Fat Ears 420 Competition Gi is designed to hold up to the demands required during training and tournaments. The Gi features a 420 gram Pearl Weave and a UVA foam collar.

BJJ Religion Genesis Gi - The Genesis Gi exemplifies the focus on quality, design and functionality. Great for training and competition, this Gi boasts an extremely durable weave with competition-grade features. This Gi features a very tightly woven 550 gram pre-shrunk cotton Pearl Weave, reinforced panels on the jacket, a traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu cut, and an EVA lapel.

DO OR DIE Hyperfly Gi - The Hyperfly GI re-defines Jiu Jitsu for the next generation of athletes. Staying loyal to its ancient Jiu Jitsu Japanese philosophy, which is based on sophistication and defined by its purest simplicity, the Hyperfly is the perfect Gi. Its weave is the strongest in the world, yet the lightest and softest. This Gi features a lightweight 450 gram soft Hyperfly Weave, EVA foam collar, contrasting black color stitching, and a tailored fit.

If you can’t make it to the World Jiu Jistu Expo, you can watch the live feed in HD!

* While supplies last. Valid only in person at the World Jiu Jitsu Expo.

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New Products in stock and BJJ Seminars

Sorry it has been a while since our last blog update with new products in stock. This one will be well worth your wait with all the new product in stock.

So far we have received product from BJJ Religion, Fat Ears, DO or DIE, Lil’ Scrapper, ADX, Hayabusa, and Jaco Athletics. Check out all the new products we received!

BJJ Religion – Function Meets Style that Innovation Meets the Mat

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Fat Ears – Fear the Cauliflower Ears

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ADX – Addiction is Passion. Passion is fuel

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DO or Die – You Can’t Teach Heart

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Hayabusa – Pronounced (hi-ya-boo-sa)

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Jaco Athletics – Respect. Strength. Courage. Tenacity

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Lil’ Scrapper – The Next Big Thing

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Check out some of the upcoming seminars. Hopefully they will be in your area!

Kurt Osiander – 1 Day Seminar

Kurt Osiander will lbe doing his first ever Southern California seminar on May 5th at Ralph Gracie Chino Hills. Many of you know Kurt from his “Move of the Week” videos on YouTube. Kurt is a black belt and Pan American Champion under Ralph Gracie and runs the San Francisco academy teaching all the classes and training every day. The seminar will be located at Ralph Gracie Chino Hills, 14151 Pipeline Ave., Chino, CA. It will be from 1-4 pm. Cost is $45 for RG students and $55 for non-RG students before April 30th. The price goes up $10 after the 30th. You may r.s.v.p. now and still pay at the door for the lower price.

To RSVP call Ralph Gracie Chino Hills at 909-614-1307.

Don’t miss out. This seminar promises to be CRAZY!


A Women’s Grappling Camp with Leticia Ribeiro

Attention all female Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters/grapplers: here is your chance to train with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion LETICIA RIBEIRO, 3rd degree black belt under Royler Gracie and leader of the Gracie Humaitá women’s team, one of the best female fight teams of all time. Join us in Los Angeles for a three-day Gi and No-Gi grappling camp exclusively for women, led by Leticia and her talented team members, including Penny Thomas, Bia Mesquita, Mackenzie Dern among others.

Friday, May 4, 7pm-9pm, Gi
Saturday, May 5, 9am-5pm, Gi
Sunday, May 6, 10-3pm, NoGi
Selva BJJ
1827 W Valley Blvd.
Alhambra, CA 91803


OTM Fight Shop