How to use Hand Wraps

How to use Hand wraps

Many people get into the sport of MMA, Boxing, or Muay Thai, and they do not know how to use their hand wraps and are intimidated to ask their coach. Well, this is a guide that will tell you how to wrap your hands, and how to choose the right ones. So, lets break down the what type of hand wraps there are before the tutorial.

Gel Quick Hand Wraps

Gel Quick Wraps

Gel Quick Wraps avoid the subject of wrapping your hands all together, but they cannot give you the tight fit that wrapping your hands does. They come on and of quickly, and they are great for boxing cardio classes. Just make sure that they are not too tight when you purchase them, or as your hands and fingers swell during practice they can feel too tight on your hands.

Mexican Style Hand Wraps

Compact Mexican Style Hand Wraps

These are also known as gauze or cotton hand wraps, but the basic way to describe them is they do not stretch. Some people prefer this, because the stretching of hand wraps can make people, especially beginners, wrap their hands too tight which hurts them later. Without the stretch the hands wraps provide better protection, but they do not form to your hands as well as others.

Mex Style Hand Wraps with Stretch

Mex Style Hand Wraps with Stretch

Mex Style Hand Wraps with stretch are the best to form to your hands. The abilities to pul the fabric will stretch them over your hands better. The only problem is that they can become too tight and restrictive. The best way to choose your hand wraps is to go to the store and try them on, but for those that an’t this guide gives you a rough idea of which style is best for you.

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120 vs. 180 Hand Wraps

There is really only two sizes in adult hand wraps. The choice of 120vs. 180 is mostly preference. My recommendation is to go with the 180s since that will allow for more fabric to wrap your hands. This is just a few extra loops around the wrist which is something any trainer would recommend.

Check out this video for how to use hand wraps here!

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