OTM HyperLyte Gi Review

The OTM HyperLyte Gi was built to be worn On The Mat.

The OTM brand has been around for over 15 years and the OTM HyperLyte Gi is the latest innovation in their Gi line. With its super strong durability, softness, and easily customized top nothing can really match it. If you are in the need of a new gi look into the OTM HyperLyte Gi, because you will be pleasently surprised.

 OTM HyperLite GiOTM HyperLite Gi                                                  OTM HyperLyte Gi Blue

Style and Comfort

The OTM HyperLyte Gi does not go with the traditional patches on the shoulder or lapel that most Gis will have. No, the OTM HyperLyte Gi only has two small emblems that say OTM on each of the sleeves. That way it signifies the company of the Gi, but it gives you the ability to customize the Gi yourself. The Gi also comes in white as well as blue. The best part about the OTM HyperLyte Gi is that it is super soft and comfortable. While some Gis give up durability for the comfort you will not find that with this Gi. The OTM HyperLyte Gi excels in comfort and durability.

Function and Durability

The unique function of this OTM HyperLyte Gi is that the top is made out of all one piece. Unlike most Gis the top is not pieced together, and it has no seams what so ever. That makes the OTM HyperLyte Gi one of the more durable Gis on the market. It can hold up to the pressure of most competitors so it is good for everyday use, and it is light enough for a competition as well. The top is only 400 grams which makes it ultra light. The weight of the whole OTM HyperLyte Gi comes in at about three pounds. While it does not have a ton of things done to it the Gi is one of the better ones on the market.

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The Bottom Line:

The OTM HyperLyte Gi holds a fond place in my heart as the Gi I won my first Jiu Jitsu tournament, and it is easily one of the best Gis I have ever worn. My body type always tends to make Gis fit weird and awkward with my small waist and long legs, but the OTM HyperLyte Gi fit perfectly. Plus, it will not break your wallet. So, if you need a new Gi check out the OTM HyperLyte Gi, because you will be more than happy with your choice.


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