SLC 420 and SSC 550 OTM Gis Review

OTM Gis built to be worn On The Mat.

OTM has been around the MMA world since 1996, and have especially been helpful in creating quality gis with all the OTM Gis they have made. With over 15 years of manufacturing the OTM Gis are made efficiently and with quality. You basically get the biggest bang for your buck. The OTM Gis SLC 420 and SSC 550 are some of the Gis you will see most competitors wear at competitions. While very close in styling there are some slight differences between the two OTM Gis.

OTM Gis                     OTM Gis     OTM Gis         SLC 420 White Front                                                SSC 550 Blue Back

Style and Comfort

Both the SLC and SSC OTM Gis offer the three same basic colors. They have black, blue, and white. Beyond that there is not much style to them in actuality, because both OTM Gis have minor patches that sit high on the shoulders. Beyond that the customization is up to the wearer. The ability to customize your Gi is part of the reason many competitors buy competition Gis, and what better to have than any of the OTM Gis that are made well and specifically have room for customization. With the SLC or SSC OTM Gis you will be able to put a multitude of patches that represent you all over the Gi. I personally compete in a SSC, and it does not bother me one bit as the comfortability in these OTM Gis is quite high.

Function and Features

The function and features of these OTM Gis is where they differ a bit. The SLC 420 is built strictly for competition so the pants weigh about eight ounces, and the top is thinned out so when weighing in you don’t have to worry about five pounds of Gi. The SSC on the other hand has 10 oz. pants, and its top is a bit heavier. Both OTM Gis can be used everyday, but as the SLC is lightened for competition so while it can be used as an everyday trainer it is not as durable as the SSC. Then the SSC is a bit heavier for those that are conscious about weighing in with a Gi on. The SLC and SSC OTM Gis both have UAV collar which help with the heat inside a Gi, but only the SLC has rip stop pants where the SSC are cotton denim.


The durability of OTM Gis are very high. Many rollers have known their Gis to last for years. Obviously, the SSC is a little bit more durable, because it does not sacrifice material for a lighter Gi. Even the SLC is made to last a long time, but with any company that makes lighter Gis for competition knows they will not last forever. The good thing about OTM Gis is a lot of time is put into quality of the stitching and manufacturing. So, you will not find inconsistencies in the quality from one gi to another.

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The Bottom Line:

If you want a high quality, long lasting, competition worthy Gi go with any of the OTM Gis. You will not be disappointed by the material, and will feel ready to compete in any competition with them on. Also, with ample room on the OTM Gis you can customize it the way you want so when you go to compete everyone will recognize you in a sea of Gis.

OTM Gis SLC 420 and SSC 550 are competition worthy and help create champions.

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